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“I have recently bought three investment properties in Auckland through Cashflow Property. They were all easily rented within a few weeks, they were Cashflow positive, and they were renovated to a high standard.

The purchase price was substantially less than the independent bank valuations giving me equity from day one, and the properties have increased in value since purchase.

I found them very cooperative and a pleasure to work with, providing information and assistance during the purchase process. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase of an investment property.”

"I recently entered into residential property investment and with the help of Cashflow Property my portfolio is now steadily growing. Their housing stock is always renovated to a high quality and they really work with you every step of the way to ensure things flow nicely for you. All the properties presented are truly cashflow positive and at a very acceptable level of yield.

They have gone above & beyond what I would have expected from the real-estate game and they really do look after you.

Best of all they find the properties for you when you're too busy to do so. It's as simple as browsing their website and finding something you like the look of.

For anyone looking to enter into property investment I fully recommend Cashflow Property's services."

“Hi Shane, We wish to thank you for your bringing to our attention the exceptional yielding property (well over 10%) in Napier.

Although we had a few of our own challenges, you mentored us through the ‘issues’ to a satisfactory conclusion. We have already revalued the property to get our equity out and reinvested again.

We strongly recommend you as a trusting, caring and mentoring advisor for anyone wanting to purchase investment property.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Shane and Cashflow Property during a property deal they were selling to me in Palmerston North.

I found them to be very diligent and transparent in their dealings with me and very willing to assist in ensuring the process ran as smoothly as it could.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cashflow Property to anyone.”

“Shane Carruthers conducts no frill business, in that he has regard for his original client, he delivers on statements and promises.

He takes pride in delivering high quality properties and is meticulous in maintaining an ongoing responsible relationship with you as his primary investor.

We Trust and Recommend Shane.”

“I have known Shane for approximately 3 years on both a professional and social level. In this time, Shane has brought to my attention many quality high yield and positive cashflow properties.

Cashflow Property introduced me to a fantastic property in Upper Hutt with a 16% yield and $400/week positive cashflow. I had no hesitation in snapping up this deal. The immediate equity in the property was $55,000 and within a year it has increased to $155,000. This was an amazing deal.

Shane and Cashflow Property has a very professional attitude towards buying and selling property. I would happily recommend them and look forward to doing business with them again.”

"I have been in my house for 6 months now and am loving it.
I bought this through Cashflow Property and their knowledge and expertise gave me great comfort in my purchase.

They guided me through the process and dealt with any issues I had promptly.

I would definitely recommend Cashflow Property to anyone looking for an owner occupied or investment property."

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